South East Asia Elite

As the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) moves to become a more integrated market with its 2025 vision, law firms’ ability to service clients across the region has become more critical. The second edition of The Lawyer’s South East Asia Elite report singles out the most active regional players that are jostling for position to meet the challenges and opportunities promised.

Following a survey conducted by The Lawyer in November and December 2015, which polled over 100 international and independent firms in the ASEAN region, the report singles out the largest 30 international firms in the region, as well as five home-grown firms that have established themselves as strong regional players.

The research focuses primarily on these firms’ lawyer and partner headcounts, regional footprints, depth of resources, key markets, sector and practice focuses, main clientele and growth strategies.

As Singapore is inarguably the key regional hub and houses over 130 foreign law firms, the report also provides detailed analysis on Singapore’s legal industry, its prominent participants, the rising importance of Singaporean law in regional transactions, and the on-going globalisation of its legal profession.

While the majority of the international firms in the region maintain a small base in Singapore, independent firms in each of the 10 ASEAN jurisdictions still have a critical role in navigating and safeguarding the growing foreign investment flowing into the region. Recognising the highly diverse nature of different markets in terms of legal and regulatory landscape and level of development, the report offers a country-by-country insight into the important market updates and the highly rated local firms in each of the 10 countries.

The full report provides:

  • Ranking of the largest 30 international firms by lawyer headcount in the ASEAN region
  • Analysis and benchmarking the regional footprints, resources, local penetration, business models, key jurisdiction and sector focuses of the top 30 international firms
  • Overview of the latest market developments, trends and impact of the challenging market conditions in 2015 on the top firms, as well as identifying some of the main pitfalls and difficulties for international firms’ business development and expansion
  • Lawyer and partner headcount details, growth, performance and strategies of the five leading home-grown international firms in the ASEAN region
  • 2015 M&A and infrastructure project finance legal advisers league tables
  • Country-by-country insight into the leading local and international firms in each of the ASEAN member states, in addition to the latest update on the jurisdiction’s legal landscapes
  • Individual firm profiles offering detailed study on the region’s top 10 international firms and the top five indigenous regional firms

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