UK 200: The ​Top 100

The Lawyer UK 200: the Top 100 is the primary analysis in this year’s six-report UK 200 series. It includes the ranking of the top 100-largest firms in the UK by revenue and a wealth of data and benchmarking metrics.

This year’s report includes new and exclusive data charting the expansion of the UK’s largest firms overseas. For the first time The Lawyer has tracked this expansion over the past five years and tracks where, when and how firms have invested. This report is the first serious, analytical attempt to measure the return on this investment.

The Top 100 also includes new and exclusive data on the rise of the alternative legal services suppliers, with a focus on the revenues, headcount and strategies of new market entrants such as ABS providers, private equity-backed firms and the accountants.

Every single firm in the 100 ranking is also analysed individually on its one-year performance, covering a range of key areas including headline financials, strategy, property portfolio, financial management data and business mix.

In addition the progress of the top 50 largest firms on a range of financial and headcount-related benchmarks has been tracked in the revenue peer groups.

The report also includes the full annual analysis of the Bar top 30 and the updated International Top 30 Firms in London.

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